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The aim of my website is to encourage ALL Artistes not only from South Africa but indeed all over the world to contribute a paragraph or two or ten for that matter about the Special relationship they had with their Teacher, Guru, Guide. I have been truly fortunate in this regard and this will be very apparent when you read My Story.

This site is ONLY to do with artists and ONLY positive inspiring articles. If you have a grouse with your teacher please do not contribute to this site as I will simply delete it.

The audio player is NOT to showcases my music but to feature Your music, be it Carnatic, Hindustani, Western Pop Jazz Classical, Black Ethnic and all shades inbetween.

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome Toufiq Touzene to recollect his time with many famous South and North Indian Musicians and from the West, a real whose who list of them!, but primarily his time, which spans almost two decades, with my Guru Sangeeta Kalanidhi Phalgat Sri K V Narayanaswami.

I have no doubt that this is going to be a stellar read simply from an historical perspective and its significance.

I would be greatful if any S African student will write an article on our musicians of yesteryear like I Kistraj, Gopalan Govender, S Nanda, and the others too many to mention.

There will be many from the Black Asian Coloured and White communities that too have inspirational stories to tell and it is my wish that you will not see this site as Indian but universal and contribute to keeping the memory alive of your Teacher Guide and Guru.

Gu means darkness and ru means light. So the aim and indeed duty of a Guru is to lead his subject into the light of whatever he teaches.

There have been countless inspirational and great teachers through the ages who have done precisely that and this space wishes to honour and recognise those individuals both in South Africa and across the world of this current and past few decades.

Please read the ‘About’ section.

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