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ALL INDIA RADIO signature tune 80 years old

  All India Radio‚Äôs signature tune has been heard by hundreds of millions of people since it was composed in 1936. Somewhat improbably, the melody, based on raga Shivaranjini, was composed by a Czech man: Walter Kaufmann. He was the

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Shiva Padiachi 1969-2016

What made Shiva Padiachi special was not his music, which was special, but his interaction with those around him which made him very very special. We will miss him because he brought out the best in all of us without

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a Personal Invite

The aim of my website is to encourage ALL Artistes not only from South Africa but indeed all over the world to contribute a paragraph or two or ten for that matter about the Special relationship they had with their

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Toufiq Touzene aka Tulsi Ram

Reminiscences of another time…..My Love Affair with Carnatic Music starts here! Flashback to July 1974 , San Francisco. One of our theatre troupe member invites me to visit the school she just joined in Berkeley . So off we go

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